Westminster Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

Do you need to learn to drive? 

Learn to drive with one of our state approved and regulated, patient, friendly, instructors. Each lesson is done in one of our dual controlled cars and each lesson is 2 hours long. We charge $70 per hour and teach everything from first learning how to move a car to parallel parking and highway driving.  We will also make sure that you are prepared and feel confident if you also plan on taking the driver’s license test.


If you have taken classes with us, please log into your already created  account to schedule your driving lessons. DO NOT create another account.

Frequently Asked Questions

All lessons start and end at our office which is located at 12110 N Pecos St #130. Westminster, CO 80234.

In order to get a license before the age of 16 years and a half, 6 hours of BTW lessons is one of the requirements.

While we cannot guarantee you will pass your driving test after taking lessons with us, your driving instructor will help you be better prepared for the test by teaching you the rules of the road and safe driving habits.

After every lesson, your driving instructor will give you honest feedback on your driving ability. This feedback will help you when making the decision to take another lesson or not.

You will need to bring a valid Colorado instruction permit or valid drivers license. If you are required to wear contacts/glasses when driving, you need those as well.

Why Private Lessons?

Since 2002, our instructors have trained 100k+ new drivers with personalized instruction and real-world practice. Many people in Westminster, though, get their license without ever getting private lessons—so why is it so important? There are many reasons that all new Westminster drivers should take private lessons before getting their license. Here are just a few.

You May Save Money on Auto Insurance

Insurance companies are understandably cautious about insuring new drivers. Westminster teens who take private lessons, however, can save hundreds of dollars on insurance. Insurance companies know that a teenager who has been properly trained, is much more likely to be a responsible driver. This means lower insurance premiums and more money for college or for gas. Some adults may even qualify for insurance discounts.  

Note: Most insurance companies offer lower premiums for teens who take driver’s ed, not all. 

You’ll Get to Drive Sooner

Colorado law currently allows for drivers as young as 14½ to begin classroom lessons, and driving lessons at 15. This means they can have their permit at 15 and full driver’s license at 16. This is only possible, though, if a new Westminster driver is enrolled in private lessons like those offered by American Driving Academy.

Just Moved to Colorado?

We are always teaching people to drive from all around the world. Many individuals have previous driving experience but have never driven in Colorado.  Our instructors will teach you the rules of the road and help you prepare for the drivers license test.  

You’ll Be a Better Driver

Becoming a driver is easy; becoming a good driver is not. Too often, people have to learn the importance of safe driving the hard way. Our friendly, experienced driving instructors will ensure that you or you will have the skills necessary to be a safe, responsible driver for life.