Westminster Colorado Drivers License Testing

Westminster Office:
12110 N Pecos St #130. Westminster, CO
80234 ( MAP )

Drivers License Testing

The cost of the test is $89 and $55 for a retest.

Get Your License Today!

Reliable: We administer the most drive tests in Colorado! Our testers have countless hours of training and are state-certified.

Flexible: We test 7-days a week and can usually get you in the same day!

Multiple Languages: We take pride in serving students of other languages. We have many bilingual testers and phone support!

Personalized Feedback: All tests, pass or fail, include personalized feedback on areas for improvement.

Supportive Environment: We strive to provide a fast, friendly, and stress-free environment.


The permit:
1. Everyone must have a valid Colorado permit, regardless of age.
2. If under 18 years of age, you can test 1 time on a valid out-of-state permit. You will also need a pre-registration code.
3. If under 18, you must have held a valid permit for at least 1 year.
4. If your permit has a corrective lens restriction, you must bring glasses or contacts.

Interlock Restricted:
1. You must provide the vehicle if your permit has an interlock restriction. The vehicle must:
-Have the interlock device installed
-Have front and back plates attached
-Proof of current insurance and registration
-No cracks in the windshield
-Doors that open and close from the inside
-All lights working

The Test:
1. You must arrive at your test fully prepared and on time. Click here for our refund policy.
2. All tests occur in our vehicle, except those with an interlock-restricted permit.
3. The test takes 15-20 minutes, and the paperwork an additional 15 minutes.
4. You will be tested on a state-certified route. No parallel parking or freeway is driving on the test.
5. The test is scored fully by the standards the state has created for a Colorado Drive Test.

After the Test:
1. We will give you feedback and enter your results into the DMV’s system.
2. You may then be able to get your driver’s license on the MyColorado App. The state will also mail you the hard copy.
3. If you can’t get it on the app, you must schedule an appointment at the DMV.

Safe Driving Reminders:
1. Come to complete stops. When looking out your side window, the ground should have stopped moving.
2. DO NOT SPEED. Know the residential speed limits in the city you are driving in.
3. BOTH hands should be on the wheel at 9 and 3 or 10 and 2 positions. When turning, use push-pull or hand-over-hand.
4. Check your mirror after every intersection. You should always know what is happening behind you.